Heads Up: You need to amplify your music festival through social activity

Apr 02, 2024,
Words by
Maansi Kalyan, Creative Strategist

If there’s anything you can say about the UK, it’s that we know how to put on a show.

From Glastonbury to Wireless, our music festivals big and small are celebrated around the world as markers of culture. They provide memorable experiences, foster community spirit, and offer people an escape from the ordinary…

…so why can’t we see this on your festival socials?

It’s time for some tough love: if you’re neglecting the social channels attached to the festival you’ve poured love into, you’re missing out on reach, exposure, and the chance to create something bigger than you ever anticipated.  

The unforgettable performances, the ambiance and the vibrant crowds of a living, breathing festival contribute to the ‘you had to be there’ moments. But have you ever thought of the additional stage the digital space could offer you and its many possibilities? 

Here's why your social media campaigns should be as exciting as the festival in real life: 

Social builds hype

The run-up to a music festival is a big part of the journey, and social media is the ultimate hype-builder. Through teasing lineups, engaging followers with sneak peeks and countdowns and transforming anticipation into limitless excitement, you can ensure the buzz is at its peak long before the gates open. 

NB: Balance is key, and hype-building is a fine art. Always ensure the excitement you’re offering lives up to the true experience of the festival. We don’t want another Willy Wonka Experience or Fyre Festival, do we?

Social dissolves borders

A festival has its physical boundaries, but social media allows you to transcend them. By crafting exciting social media campaigns, your music festival can extend its reach beyond the venue and connect with fans across the globe. Whether through BTS, user-generated content, interviews or livestreams, you can create a virtual community where lovers of music alike can unite regardless of where they’re from. 

For every one person that managed to bag a ticket, there are hundreds more who didn’t. OCD teamed up with Wireless Festival last year to propel it to new heights, creating viral social content that captivated those additional audiences. We had dedicated videographers covering both stages at a multitude of angles to ensure nothing was missed, and there certainly was a crowd for it: the live content we produced garnered an impressive 15.5M views and 983k+ likes throughout the weekend, contributing to an 80,000 follower increase across Wireless’s socials. 

If you build it, they will come. 

Social generates conversation

Social isn’t a one-sided statement, it’s a two-way conversation. Through interactive polls, authentic backstage stories, giveaways and Q&A sessions running through your feed you give your audience the chance to connect on an even deeper level with the festival experience, fostering a sense of belonging. This keeps the crowd excited from beginning to end and beyond, strengthening their loyalty in the process - converse with them, and they’ll be thinking of coming back way before next year’s tickets release.

Social extends the experience 

The festival may inevitably end, but the memories will linger. Social media offers a means to immortalise these moments. By leveraging set and crowd highlights, on-the-ground interviews and user-generated content, attendees (and prospective attendees) are able to relive the magic again and again as you keep the festival spirit alive months after doors close. 

Social media isn’t just an accessory - it’s vital in your efforts to amplify your festival’s experience. By creating content that has the same energy and passion that’s been infused into the festival in real life, you’re bringing your audience along for the ride and creating an experience that sticks.

And if you want a digital experience that struck a chord as much as our Wireless collaboration did, you know who to call…

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