How We Transformed Melbray London: A Luxury Branding Case Study

May 26, 2024,
Words by
Max Ellis, Creative Strategist

Why do luxury brands need specialised creative agencies?

In the world of luxury finance brokerage, making a strong first impression is everything. That’s why Max, the founder of Melbray London, came to us. He needed more than just a website; he needed a brand that screamed sophistication and professionalism to match his high-end clientele. Here's how we made that happen.

Why Luxury Brands Need Specialized Creative Agencies

Luxury brands operate on a different level. They need a unique touch to convey their exclusivity and high standards. That’s where specialised creative agencies like ours come in. We understand these nuances and can help craft a brand identity that resonates with an affluent audience. This was our approach with Melbray London, ensuring every element from the logo to the website design exuded luxury and professionalism.

Melbray London: Our Journey Together

Project Overview

Melbray London is a luxury finance brokerage that caters to high net worth individuals and specializes in high-end assets. Max, the founder, wanted a website that acted like an online business card, showcasing his services and enabling client inquiries.

Challenges and Objectives

When Max first came to us, he barely had any branding or identity. We knew we had to create a solid brand foundation before moving on to the website. Our goal was to develop a brand that reflected the high standards and exclusive nature of Melbray London’s services.

Our Creative Process

1. Initial Consultation and Strategy Development

We kicked off with a mini workshop and calls with Max and his team. This helped us understand Melbray London’s Brand Core, Brand Positioning, and Brand Persona. It was essential to get these basics right to build a strong, coherent brand.

2. Competitor Analysis and Brand Archetype

Next, we did a deep dive into competitor analysis to understand the market better. We defined Melbray’s brand archetype, which helped shape the brand's look, feel, and communication style.

3. Research and Conceptualisation

We then moved to the fun part – research and conceptualisation. We created mood boards and developed three concept routes for Max to review. This visual exploration was key to refining our ideas and aligning them with Max’s vision.

4. Design Refinement

With the chosen concept in hand, we moved into the refinement phase. Here, attention to detail was everything. Our team made sure every design element was perfect before pitching.

5. Website Development

Once the branding was nailed down, we turned our focus to the website. It needed to be visually stunning and highly functional, serving as a platform for client inquiries and showcasing Melbray London’s capabilities. We also integrated a solid SEO strategy to enhance visibility and drive traffic.

A Closer Look at the Melbray London Project

The sleek logo designed for Melbray London.
The sleek logo designed for Melbray London.
A snapshot of the homepage, highlighting Melbray London’s high-end services.
A snapshot of the homepage, highlighting Melbray London’s high-end services.
Brand elements and typography choices

Transforming Your Luxury Brand

Our work with Melbray London shows how we can elevate luxury brands through strategic branding and web design. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities in the luxury sector and are here to help your brand stand out.

Feedback from Max, Founder of Melbray London as seen on our Clutch profile

“I’m getting a lot more flow through the business as the website has worked as a good place for new clients to check us out and see what we are about. It has also given clients a lot more trust in us upfront rather than having to gain trust.”
“The guys from OCD really took an interest in what I wanted to achieve and went above and beyond to ensure every one of my needs was met and exceeded.”
“The team managed the project seamlessly, met every deadline, and communicated through virtual and in-person meetings, emails, and messages. Their engagement in the project stood out.”


Transforming Melbray London’s brand and website was a rewarding journey. The results speak for themselves – enhanced client trust and increased business flow. If you’re looking to elevate your luxury brand, our creative agency has the expertise to deliver outstanding results. Get in touch with us today to start your transformation journey.

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