Raphael Rowe Foundation

Raphael Rowe Foundation

RRF work with those who administer prison systems throughout the world, and inspire them to abolish dehumanising, degrading and dangerous practices, putting more emphasis on the health, education, and rehabilitation of those in their care.

We have worked with the foundation since its inception. We developed a brand strategy that held a simplistic identity: focussed on elevating a powerful message.

From the start of the project, I felt that OCD listened fantastically well, but also intuitively prompted when it came to expanding on the original brief. They were thorough at every stage of the process, and this diligence was one of the reasons why what was produced was of the highest standard.

I was able to build a very strong and collaborative relationship with them, which in turn allowed both sides to be very honest throughout the process. The work which OCD delivered was of an exceptional standard, with the team regularly going above and beyond to ensure that we were satisfied. The final brand piece is everything we could have wanted it to be, and perhaps most importantly of all, what they have created truly embodies Raphael’s values.

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