Flower & Crowns

Flower & Crowns

The last couple years have been hard af and some days have felt pretty dark for many of us. In the between mounting stresses and losses, finding people and things to be grateful for has been a saving grace. F&C is a creative project designed to put a little more love and light into the world. It’s a way of practicing gratitude in community. The easiest way to get involved is to listen to the podcast and show each podcast guest some love.

OCD Studio delivered a brand system that the client and their sponsor loved, allowing them to launch and begin building their brand. Their team was on-point, punctual, and able to design high-quality outputs in a short time frame. The client appreciated their genuine interest in their podcast.

"I appreciate their ability to work fast and at a high level. They also appeared genuinely interested in me and my brand, which I really appreciated."

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